old timer

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blue Chili's


How's it going???  I sure hope your weekend went great!  Happy late Mother's Day to all you mommas.

You all know I love blue glass ,,, mainly in the garden.

So, I dug out some blue bottles, drilled one hole in each and strung them on wire.  Then I wired them to a chain.  After I got done with ALL of those,,, I made some chili leaves out of license plates.  I capped it off with a brass piece.  Voila!  BLUE CHILI'S.  I wonder if these could be considered a bottle tree???

Check 'em out!!!  

Start with a few bottles.

Drill a hole in the bottom of each one, sting a
wire on it and wire it to a chain.

Add a few license plate leaves.

Then put a cap over the leaves.

How's that for fun???  I bet you won't find those any where else.  This is a very easy project, but it takes a LONG time.

Yes, these will be at Sorticulture.

See ya soon!



  1. A cute idea. I'd call it a bottle tree. I have a hanging 4x4 that has pieces of rebar sticking out of it. I love your idea.

    1. Thanks! I think I will call it a bottle tree! :)