old timer

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Car Parts and a Couple Birdhouses

Hi guys!

One of the fun things about Sorticulture is Father's Day is usually right around the corner.  I always try to make a few things more dad related.  Any one might like them, but they really are built more with dad in mind.

Here's a couple birdhouses where I got to use a few car parts I've picked up.  YEP!  Getting rid of more of my fabulous crap!!!  :)    

I think this panel came off a bull dozer or
some other equipment like that.

Some one told me the tags came from the
Monroe Penitentiary (prison).

I found this piece in the alley and the steps at the
metal recycler.  I think they came off an old car.
I'm very happy to be clearing out my garage and yard this year.  It's been a trip trying to let go of some of my favorite pieces.  BUT!  I'll live,,,, ????  RIGHT????   Tee hee hee!!!

See ya soon!   Shell                     


  1. I know the feeling. I put my foot down and we cleaned up several areas last year. Need to finish a bit more and then it will be like I want it.

    Love the pieces.

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