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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Check Out This Garden Sink - WIP

Hi guys!

Here's a really fun piece that's made up of many junked, scrapped pieces.   

This started with the sink.  It was
smashed, rusted, broken.

Then I found a couple old faucets, in
my yard, that would fit the sink.

Then came the "shower" that is really an old floor lamp.

You can see the shape the sink is in.
NO!  The boots don't come with it!  :)

The finishing piece was the sweet little table I found
just before they smashed it at the metal recycler!


It has that shabby, vintage look to it! 
French chic???
That really is how this piece came about.  I had a couple old faucet handles hanging around when I found that beat up sink.  Then came the wonderful, old floor lamp.  It's so sweet!!!  It's been hanging around outside for a couple years rotting,,, just right!  The rod will stick in the ground in your yard.  I put a piece of copper pipe on the part of the rod that shows above the sink.  I placed a brass escutcheon between the sink and the copper pipe.  That holds the pipe above the sink.  THEN!  I found that gorgeous table.  I'm not kidding when I say they had the tractor out about ready to crush the table.  I yelled, they laughed and I SCORED!!!  It was bent up, but very fixable!  Today Pat, my favorite recycle boy, helped me shape the table top so the sink would fit inside of it!  He's such a great help!  Thanks PAT!

By the time Sorticulture gets here I think I'll fill the sink with flowers.  Some thing dainty that will flow over the edges.  YUM!  Some thing in a peachy, pinky color!

OKAY!  Tomorrow???  See ya then!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Shell



  1. I could see it next to a veggie garden. They could pick their veggies and set them in the sink until they were ready to go in.

    Great job.

  2. If I hadn’t known beforehand, I would’ve never thought that parts of your garden sink came from different scrap materials. Everything fits so nicely together. It’s a classic-looking piece! Should you choose to repaint it or let it be, I know it’ll look great as long as you make it fit nicely. Thanks for sharing your wonderful masterpiece, Shelley!

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing

    1. I'm so sorry this took so long! THANK YOU!!! Your kind words are really appreciated!