old timer

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gear Garden Totem


So, here's my idea of a garden totem.


Remember,,, I'm a melder, not a welder.  That's a non-trained welder!  

I've been picking up every single small
gear and cog I can find.

I stacked them up on a piece of rebar. 
Should have been smooth bar.

I love the look even if it is a little crooked here
and there! oh well.  I'm learning!

Check out those screws!  I don't like the bell,
so it's getting replaced.  The brass
 is totally out of place!

This was fun to build.  See the yellow rust?  You know how I always say the weather around here will take care of making it's own patina?  Well, that was what I got over night.  Less than 18 hours and it's already turning!!!  Love it!!!

This might, might not, be at Sorticulture!  I'm not happy with it.  I learned a tough one today.  While it's fun ,,, structurally it's not sound enough to sell.  I'll let one of the real welders look at it and he can make that call.   

See ya tomorrow! Shell


  1. Those gears and cogs would be great for a brain mosaic. Piece them together to look like they are inside of a head!!!

    Love your idea

    1. Too fun!!! Give it a try. I just picked up one piece every single time I saw one and it took forever to get these. Bike gears would be fun,,, thin too!