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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I Do Love Mattress Springs!


How are ya?  I hope your week is starting off the right way.  Don't you hate it when things just start wrong?  Like some times you get going and all of a sudden things just seem to take a wrong turn.  Drives me crazy.  It's like Monday over and over.  OOPS!  Not a great thing in my book.

That's how this piece started.  It wanted to be a birdhouse, then it wanted to be a trellis.   EEK!  Finally, I just shoved it all together and well,,,, it's BIG!    

I love the look of this piece!

This started with a mattress spring I found in the alley.

This started with the brass lamp shade
from the metal recycler.
YES!  The top is solid brass!!!

I made each piece separately, then decided
I liked them together better.

After cutting out the hole I ground it down to get
rid of the sharp spots... and I nicked it. 
SO!  I nicked it all the way around!
I love junk and it shows here!!!  For this piece I needed a specific rod to go through this.  One bigger and stronger than any I had at the house.  In the 2 weeks of building for Sorticulture, so far, this is only my second trip to pick up a part I needed that's new.  So far, every thing else (including most nails and screws) have been used, recycled parts!  YAY!!!  And that ladies and gentlemen is the challenge in this art style!  

Here's a link to Sorticultures Facebook page.  Take a quick look around!  FUN!!!  Thanks!  

Have a good one!  Shell



  1. So cool! Love, love all of it. I can see vines growing on it now

  2. you should have called me...probably had what you needed...!