old timer

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Faucet Handles Become a Coat Rack for Father's Day or Sorticulture

Hi guys!

Well, I'm driving myself crazy!  OKAY!  I heard that!  :)

I'm down to a week or so left to build and it's game time.   EEK!

So, the next posts are going to be short.  SORRY!  Thanks for understanding.

Here are a few new handles I found and I couldn't resist making one quick coat rack for a Father's Day gift available at Sorticulture.  

Aren't these fun???

2 old fence boards, a few screws, nuts and bolts and voila!

I found these at the metal recycler.  They were
on some industrial sinks.




These were a fun find.  Some thing a little different,,, yet the same!

thanks!  Shell