old timer

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Old Ladders and an Alley Find WOW!!!

Hi guys!

How's tricks???  Good here!  :)

Here's what happens when you check out Pinterest too much!  YAY!  I found 3 different pics of garden pieces and with the crap in my yard I put them all together.  EEK! 


This started out as an old step ladder, old fence
boards and an alley find ,,, the spring set
on top of the finished arbor.

The bottom boards are for support while I drag it around
trying to build it.  They will be removed at the show.

I used old metal corbels in each corner for more support.

Look UP!

The top will be FULL of birdhouses.

I LOVE stuff like this!  While it's a fun piece ,,, it's using all the junk I've been saving for pieces just like this!  I see things that I like and I think ,,, man I need that.  SO!  Here's many of those parts.  An old rotten wood step ladder.  A box spring from some type of couch style cushion.  Several metal corbels.  Old fence boards. 

This piece is exactly what my art is all about.  The only thing I used on this that's new ... the screws that hold it all together,,,, AND  not all of those are new!

Wait until you see the next ladder project,,, okay!  Gotta go get it together before I forget how.  It's going to be amazing!  hahaha!!!

Thanks!  Shell