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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recycled Metal Birdhouses


It was a gorgeous, very warm, day today.  THANK YOU!!!!  Every thing here is still water logged.  It was so nice to see and feel the steam coming off the ground.

I think I told you I've decided it's time to cut back on the art shows and clear out a bunch of my supplies and crap.  So, for the past 2 weeks I've been gathering crap around here and using it for art goodies.  Lately I've been in the garage looking to see what's hiding in there.  I found cans!  Lots of cans.  Another thing I found was a couple of brass horns that I believe are from the ends of trombones.  HUMMMMM!


A coffee can and a couple lamp parts.

A tobacco can, a pipe, trombone horn and a finial.

Gotta love this perch.  There are holes in
the bottom for the rain.

Another trombone horn, lamp parts and a coffee can.

I put the hole in the side so the advertising stayed
in good shape.  NO, the edges are NOT sharp. 
They were ground down.


If you put these in a shaded place,,, you might get birds in them.  Right now my birdies are housing in an old cowboy boot in my yard ,,, right next to where I'm working.  The little monkeys.  Birds are funny critters.  They will house in any thing!  As long as it's about the height off the ground that they like and the hole opening is just right!  BUT!  If this was in the sun, they will not move in.

I made this birdhouse maybe 10 years ago or so. 
I moved it from under the eaves of the garage to
a Shepard's hook in the yard just to get it out of the
way.  It's probably 3' closer to the ground now. 
THEY moved in!  Turkeys!  They fly in
through the open roof.

More goodies tomorrow!  Only 22 building days left!  EEK!  Then Sorticulture!!!  YAY!!! 

Thanks!  Shell


  1. You are not kidding. We took a nest of wren babies to the lake one time. They were in the boat motor. Freaked me out.

    Love the bird houses.

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. looking good! I just realized that Sorticulture is same weekend as artist garage sale - two for the price of one! So I'll have to come see you and your creations on either Friday night or Sunday...

    1. I just figured that out too. Bummer. I always love to go there. I won't get to at all. Have a good time there and good luck!

  3. Wow, those are some pretty cool stuff. It looks a bit unusual, but it's also very eye-catching. And I think that is a very creative way to make a bird’s house. Anyway, it’s great that you made those things out of recycled materials. It’s a good way to help save our environment. Thanks for sharing this with us, Shelley. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    Marion Dunn @ Global Resources

  4. Thank you very much! I sure appreciate your note!!! I do like to have fun with junk. I just hope others will find some inspiration in these types of projects and do the same thing. It hurts to think people buy new things, to make something out of, when they could just use junk, scrap or garbage. It's more fun ,,, in my opinion! Thanks again.