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Friday, May 16, 2014

Whiskey Barrel Ring Hangings

Are we having fun yet????  I sure hope so!  I am!

I had a hand full of left over whiskey barrel bands and I was going to make one more orb with them.  Then I thought,,, been there, done that.  SO???  What to do with them.  Then I remembered Beth at We Do Art gave me a bunch of beads she made and didn't like.  I LOVE THESE BEADS!  They are nasty!  YUM!  They didn't quite stay round.  The glaze didn't work like she wanted.  O.M.G.  They are absolutely perfect .... TO ME!!!

So, here's what I did with some of them.    

I have this thing for funky metal.  It's every where in
my yard, garage, shed and even in my house!

So I found some of my favorite round pieces. 
Think circles.

Then I put a few beads between pieces to give me
 almost equal space between circles.

I was running low on beads.  So I found some thing
with more bulk to fill in the middle.

Some thing colorful and whimsical to
 fill in the middle. 

This little watering can is so sweet!  The ring
around it is from an old world globe.

It's solid brass and it looked new.  SO!  I spray
painted it with several layers of brown.


I love stuff like this!  More art than craft.  I've needed to do some real work.  Many more to come.

Thanks so much for stopping by!   Shell  


  1. I love this kind of stuff too! I think those are fantastic beads. Worked out great for the project.

    Happy weekend

  2. and there's the globe ring I gave you - it looks fantastic in your creation!

    1. I wondered if you would notice! It's beautiful there! THANK YOU!