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Friday, May 30, 2014

Who Loves Scarecrows???


Hi guys!  Do you like scarecrows???   Some of them are so fun!  The other day I saw a picture of this sweet little one on Pinterest.  It was made of sticks and it had this little kids outfit on it.  Years ago I was asked to make some.  I never did.  BUT!  I did this year. 

I had a few pairs of overalls hanging around
for a project I never did.

A quick weld job on some rebar.

More rebar, just smaller.

Not a good hat for that one! 

Better hat?  Cute little girls jacket.  YEP!  OLD!

The larger piece is made from 1/2" rebar and has a step on the bottom for easier installation and a little more support.  The 2 shorter ones are made with 3/8" rebar and they are just a quick cross.  Those you hammer them into the ground from the top of the rebar.  Easy!  Fun!  AND!  They last year after year.

The best part of these.... if you don't use them,,,, the birds will!  HAHAHA!  How funny is that one.  You buy them to scare off the birds and without some thing on them, the birds will hang out on them.  Birds love rebar.

Oh well!  They were fun, fast and will be very reasonably priced!



  1. Cute! I use to have one in my garden. Overalls, boots and a bucket with a plant for a head. After I first put it up, every time (and I do mean every time) I came around the corner of the shed.....I'd jump. I thought somebody was in my yard. Took me months to quit scaring myself. p.s., I also made a small topiary rabbit running from the farmer. He had a hoe in his hand and it looked like he was chasing it.