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Friday, May 9, 2014

YAY!!! It's a New Computer and New Art

Hi guys!

Okay!  Big learning curve here!  I love and I mean LOVE Windows 8.  It's funky!!!  To me, one of the few without a cell phone, this is a cross between a computer and a tablet.  You get all the features of both.  If you don't know one or the other,,,, there's tons to learn.  Me, I love learning this type of stuff.  So!  Forgive me when things don't go as planned on here, as I continue to learn.  First lesson,,, blogger doesn't like my new latest updated Internet browser.  It's too new.  Blogger is behind.  

My computer died a week before my last post and I couldn't get on here until I went to the library.  I never remember the library is a great place to go for nearly anything!  They were so great.  I walked in and asked to use a computer, they pointed to the many sitting there (mostly full of people already).  I sat down and 10 minutes later I left.  NO CHARGE!  Where do you get that anymore?  Oh I love my library!!!  Thanks guys!

SO!  I hope to put something on here every day,,, again ,,,, that I've been making.  It's been pouring here for days AGAIN ,,, what?  That's my excuse for not getting it in gear.  I know!  I know!!!  It's nearly that time.  The calendar on the wall says only 27 building days left!  SO!!!  Here comes some art!

I'm calling these towers.

These are transmission rings with bells and beads.

DON'T look at my welding. I'm a melder, not a welder.
You know:  melt, not weld.

These rings move with almost any amount of wind.  FUN! 

SO!  More to come soon!  All of my old software is gone, so I'm learning new.  It's taking a while.  BUT!  Soon, I'll get it.  It's fun to learn.

See ya soon!


  1. looking good!
    and if there's anything computer wise I can help with, just let me know (though I have windows 7 and not 8...)

  2. I like it. I finally bought a home pc and it has windows 7 on it.

    1. Good girl! I'm happy to hear that. Be careful, as you know,,, they do become addictive!!! They are a great waste of time. Oh,,, I love that part!!! Have a great week dear! Shell