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Sunday, June 29, 2014

P B & Almost J w/ Pea Chips on the Side and More Etsy Goodies

Hi guys!

How are ya???   I haven't done much since Sorticulture ended.  What can I say?  The closer I get to 60 years old, the slower I seem to move and the longer it takes to recover from a show the size and length of this show.  It was SO much fun.  But, it's a tough show!  I spent Thursday making 6 trips to the show to set up my booth.  Friday I spent 14 hours there hauling in another truck load, setting up the booth and selling.  Then Saturday was another long, wonderful day.  I spent 13 hours making more stuff, hauling more stuff, setting up the booth again (I was running pretty low, had to make it look fuller than it was), then selling.  Then Sunday 9 hours making more stuff, moving things around the booth, selling and then hauling home what was left.  THANK YOU everyone for not making me bring too much home.  I appreciate that so VERY MUCH! 

I crashed for a week then my back crashed.  OOPS!  I'm just getting up and moving again.  During times like these I hate trying to find some thing to eat.  My back won't let me do much more than lay down.  Thank goodness for the Stanley Cup and the World Cup.   SO!!!  After eating all the food I could find in the cupboards and freezer I hit the store.  Only none of it looked any good. 

Hungry???  I was!  SO!  I go to the kitchen to see what I brought home from the store and can't find any already.  I hate it when I don't bring much home.  BUT!  I did bring home these wonderful peaches.  SO!  PEANUT BUTTER AND ALMOST JAM SANDWICH ANYONE???

Here's what I made!  LOL!  Don't laugh too hard.  I love food like this!  

Peanut Butter is my FAVORITE food!  Look
at that beautiful bread!  SEEDS!  YUM!


They are to me!!!

Peanut butter and almost peach jam
plus chips on the side!

Peanut butter is hiding under that
beautiful ripe peach.

I didn't make it very far before I bit in.
I guess you could call this a diet p b & j!  It was SO good!  The peach was sweet with a slight bite to it.  Perfect!  I love fresh fruit, but it's hard to find good fruit anymore.  This was awesome!
I've been putting things on Etsy again.  If I keep working on getting rid of things I don't need anymore I should be done in a year or two!  LOL!  HAH!  I wish I was kidding.
I hope to start putting on wind chimes soon.  Who knows, maybe even some garden art that can be shipped reasonably!
Thanks for stopping by!   Shell     

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorticulture Recap


O.M.G.  What a great show!  AMAZING is more like it.  If you have ever gone to a show (garden or art) as a vendor or a buyer you know what I'm talking about.  Some of these shows last years.  Some have been around a long, long time and should have gone away a long, long time ago.  This one is NOT that.  This was the 17th year of this show and it just keeps getting better and better.


Easy!  The outfit that is putting this on is enjoying their job.  That's all there is to it.  There are people in an office who know their job.   There are Rangers who take great care of the park.  There's young help who learn a lot and bring in energy helping us load in our goodies.  There are security guards there at night who don't sleep through the job.  THEN,,, there's all of us, vendors, who love to share our weekend "journey" with those who run it and who listen to us.  That's what makes it all work and keep on going.

I've done a few other shows.  Not many.  One thing that sets this apart from the rest of the shows ,,,, it's set up, it's lay out.  It makes ALL the difference in the world.

So you ask ... what sold???  Honestly???  EVERYTHING!

I have a few birdhouses, scarecrows and wind chimes left.  Not much else.

What sold first?

The windmill, the shower, the privacy screens, the mattress springs with the birdhouse on top, the tables made with wheels, the NW blue chili's, the gear table, the oven I filled with flowers, the metal flower, the sink, the shutter shelf and birdhouse and CROWNS.

I kid you not.  CROWNS!  Did I ever show you those?   I was making the Ford tailgate bench (yep!  It sold.) and I like to beef up the sides with metal.  I use the plasma cutter to cut out the words Ford and pick up.  Well, I haven't used the cutter since last August.  I wanted to practice a little.  So I found some old metal garden pots in the yard and took to cutting them.   What????  Yes, metal garden pots.  That's what the flowers came in before there was plastic.  LOL!  It's amazing how many people didn't know that.  Anyway, I cut up 16 pots,,, I just couldn't stop.  It was fun.  In order to keep them out of my way, I used my "bag lady shopping cart" as a place to keep them.  As I left the house Friday morning to go to the show I saw them, realized I had space in the truck to bring them.   WELL!  2 hours later they were sold out.  At only $5 each they were a hit.  So, I got up early Saturday morning (NO!  I didn't sleep all night).  I had time to burn a few more.  23 out of 24 sold by the end of the day.  The next morning,,, yep!  I cut 24 more.  I sold every single one by the end of the day.

You just never know what will sell.  Those paid for one of my 2 booth spots!!!

My bag lady shopping cart with some crowns!!!

Larger pic.

Here are a few pics of my setup.  It's always hard to see these.  I take pics late at night and early in the morning.  Hope you can see some thing.    

8AM Friday.
8PM Friday - Several of the pieces you see are sold.
A little closer look.
My horse birdhouse sold 6 or 7 times, but each person
wanted to leave it in the weather.  I talked them out
 of it.  I don't think the horn will last in the weather.
Every thing you see here sold quickly!
Both tables made from wheels sold.
Today I was talking to a friend who attended a meeting, including people who run the art scene around here, and Sorticulture was discussed.  They bring in an ATM machine each year.  There are a lot of small businesses like mine.  I don't take plastic of any kind. I don't even own a cell phone.   So, I take cash and checks.  I've never had a bad check.  Well, she found out they loaded that machine with $30,000 in cash,,, ready ,,, there was only $40 left at the end of Sunday!  WOW!!! 

I had a ball.  It's so much fun to see these once a year friends.  They are all wonderful.  I couldn't do this without them!!!  Thanks guys!

Friday, June 6, 2014

An Outdoor Shower and Fly Wheel Table

Hi guys!

This will be quick!!!  It's show time!

3 sections built from old fence boards.  Held
together with old, used door hinges.

A brass shower I found at the metal recycler!!! 
YEP!  It works ,,, after several repairs!


SWEET, simple hose hookup.

Fly wheel (?) table.  All 3 parts used and found objects.


Thanks guys!  I'll be back in a week or two!  I'm wiped out and the show hasn't even started yet!  Don't worry!  It's all good!!!  Shell

Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Goodies Part 2

This is just in case I didn't get any thing else posted for today.  SORRY!  I'm running late as always....!!!!  LOL!  I am supposed to be making some thing ,,, I walk past some thing else and my little brain gets excited and off I go ... YEP!  To make some thing else.  OOPS!  It always makes me late getting ready!  Oh,,, I LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!   

2 Whales in the sea of a mess called my back yard. 

Spouts made from air conditioner parts
 and water drop crystals.

Another birdhouse,,, HUMMMM! 
I do love them don't I?  hahahaha!!!

Another OPEN sign.

3 bell chimes on an old brass pot handle.

Chairs I found will be at the show.

Crowns I cut out with a plasma cutter
will be there ,,, CHEAP!

Aren't they cute in my bag lady cart?

Thanks guys!  Gotta run! 

Check Out This Birdcage Made From a Shrimp Trap


Oh!  I wish there was a gallery opening for this right now.  I LOVE THIS PIECE.  I don't normally fall in love with my art or anyone elses.  It's just not my thing.  BUT!  Every once in a while I do!  AND!  This is it this year.

First, you have to realize this is a piece made from 11 different recycle pieces.  The only thing new on this is the 4 lag bolts and 7 small nails that hold the base together.


This is what I LOVE to build.

Bird perches.

The shrimp trap is held down with a finial.

The top is made from 5 different pieces.

I like it in my garden.


The table leg is very old and swirled so nicely!

The 2 perches are a chair spindle and a piece
from a hay fork from the late 1800's.

I had a ball trying to figure out the parts it would take to make this look like some thing I saw in a picture.  It was a very nice tall, wire, round bird cage.  I kept thinking I could use this shrimp trap for some thing.  It's been hanging out in my yard for at least 10 years.  Every time I tried to use it I just couldn't.  It was never quite right.  THEN!  I see a picture of a room that's decorated in that Pottery Barn style.  It was wonderful.  BUT!  All I saw was the birdcage on a side table!  I love this stuff!!!

So, I went through every thing I owned and came up with 11 pieces of "junk", all from different things.  Here's a list of what I used:

1 table leg from the early 1900's.
1 chair spindle from early 1900's.
1 tong (?) from a hay fork from the late 1800's.
1 shrimp cage.
1 large piece of wood from the beach.
1 smaller piece of wood from a scrap pile at the local fence company.
1 wood stove chimney topper.
2 brass pieces from different outdoor lamps.
1 brass finial from an older table lamp.
1 coupler set up w/nuts from a different table lamp.

One very large lag holds the table leg onto the base inside the cage.  3 smaller lags hold the beach wood to the fence wood base inside the cage.  It's not going anywhere!  LOL!

OH!  How do you open it???  There are 2 large "safety pins" where the 3 pieces of the shrimp trap come together.  Just pop one open.  I didn't make this to use with birds.  I don't know how healthy it would be for a bird.  It's really just for a decoration.  I would leave it in my house!  BUT!!!  That's me.

OKAY!  Back to work.  It's that day!  Time to move into the show.  YAY!!!! 

I sure hope to see you there!  Shell


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Few Last Minute Goodes Part 1

Hi ya all!!!

How's it going???  Weather good????  Ours is... thank goodness!!!

So,,, it's game time!!!  It's Wednesday.  SO???  That means any thing left to build gets built today or it waits until next year.  OUCH!  BUT!  I have the best piece yet sitting on my work bench in the garage.  Let's hope I get it together and finish it.  MAN!  It's FUN!!!

So,,, until then,,, here's a few things that will be at Sorticulture this Friday!   

I found this in pieces  So I added more bells
and chimes to it and called it done.

A 2 room U of Dub birdhouse.

A 2 room Everett birdhouse.

This isn't going to the show.  I just wanted to show
you a house I made several years ago.  I got my 3rd
or 4th batch of baby birds in it this year.  They are
about 5' off the ground and right next to where
 I was working for the past 5 weeks.

2 holer from an old light fixture.

Light fixture with a license plate roof.
I guess I got into birdhouses this year.  I never know what I'm going to make until I start.  These were fun.  It's the main thing I made the first year I did this show.  They've always been good for me.  Hope they are this year too... my fingers are crossed!  OH!  That's what's still on my work bench.   A bird cage...!!!  YUM!  It's going to look ancient (if I'm lucky) and it's made from a shrimp cage.  HUMMMMM!

Time to get out there and get 2 more things ready.  Hope all is well with you!  Thanks!  Shell