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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Few Last Minute Goodes Part 1

Hi ya all!!!

How's it going???  Weather good????  Ours is... thank goodness!!!

So,,, it's game time!!!  It's Wednesday.  SO???  That means any thing left to build gets built today or it waits until next year.  OUCH!  BUT!  I have the best piece yet sitting on my work bench in the garage.  Let's hope I get it together and finish it.  MAN!  It's FUN!!!

So,,, until then,,, here's a few things that will be at Sorticulture this Friday!   

I found this in pieces  So I added more bells
and chimes to it and called it done.

A 2 room U of Dub birdhouse.

A 2 room Everett birdhouse.

This isn't going to the show.  I just wanted to show
you a house I made several years ago.  I got my 3rd
or 4th batch of baby birds in it this year.  They are
about 5' off the ground and right next to where
 I was working for the past 5 weeks.

2 holer from an old light fixture.

Light fixture with a license plate roof.
I guess I got into birdhouses this year.  I never know what I'm going to make until I start.  These were fun.  It's the main thing I made the first year I did this show.  They've always been good for me.  Hope they are this year too... my fingers are crossed!  OH!  That's what's still on my work bench.   A bird cage...!!!  YUM!  It's going to look ancient (if I'm lucky) and it's made from a shrimp cage.  HUMMMMM!

Time to get out there and get 2 more things ready.  Hope all is well with you!  Thanks!  Shell 


  1. All is great! Nice, all of them. We had a wren trying to build in the tractor yesterday. So, I need to go ahead and put up some things to encourage her to build in them instead of where not wanted.

    Good luck on the show.

    1. Thanks! I'll take all the luck I can get! :) I love birds,,, but some times they are little monsters. OH! Like the starlings that are nesting in my attic. The little snots! LOL