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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Funky Birdhouse

Hi ya all!
Meet the doll birdhouse.  YES!  There's a story behind this!  I made this several years ago... well, it didn't look like this ,,, kind of!!!

It's a birdhouse with a face and hair, a place for the
bird to eat, an entry way and a saying.

Leave food or nesting materials here.

Nature is beauty.


The doorway!
So, the story is,,, I was at an artist garage sale and there was this large headless doll there.  Someone said ,, what can you make with that?  I thought,,, HA!  That's easy!

I made her a head!!!!

I also made her this sweet little bench to sit on.  It was made of very old yellow skinny fence pickets and amazing old, crusty red turned spindles.  Oh it was cute.  

She sat on her bench only she didn't have any clothes.  SO!  The saying ,,, NATURE IS BEAUTY.

I then proceeded to put a real bird nest on her lap.  FUN!  

OOPS!!!  It was at Sorticulture and people were looking, wondering, chatting and then it happened!!!  A boy about 8 to 10 years old YELLED!!!  OH MY GOD,,, MOM!!!!  LOOK!!!

I turned around to see what he was looking at and realized he was pointing at the dolls lap!!!

OOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!   All I saw was Eve, sitting on her garden bench.  He saw a naked lady!!!

What can I say,,, she's now JUST a birdhouse!!!

Only 2 building days left.



  1. HYSTERICAL.......OMG.....I bet that woman gave you some looks.
    Too funny!!!

    Love the birdhouse.

    1. It was quite the day!!! I went from a happy artist to feeling like a perv!!! LOL! Thank you!

      To me art is about making people talk about or discuss what they see. It's about making people think or even feel a little out of their comfort zone. This did the trick!!! hahaha!!!