old timer

Friday, June 6, 2014

An Outdoor Shower and Fly Wheel Table

Hi guys!

This will be quick!!!  It's show time!

3 sections built from old fence boards.  Held
together with old, used door hinges.

A brass shower I found at the metal recycler!!! 
YEP!  It works ,,, after several repairs!


SWEET, simple hose hookup.

Fly wheel (?) table.  All 3 parts used and found objects.


Thanks guys!  I'll be back in a week or two!  I'm wiped out and the show hasn't even started yet!  Don't worry!  It's all good!!!  Shell


  1. Neat ideas!

    Good luck! Hope you are so busy you are totally exhausted when you get done!!!!

    1. What a great day. The weather was great, the people were greater and the dogs were every where. PERFECT!!! AND! I had a great day. YAY! Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it more than I can say! Shell