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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Check Out This Birdcage Made From a Shrimp Trap


Oh!  I wish there was a gallery opening for this right now.  I LOVE THIS PIECE.  I don't normally fall in love with my art or anyone elses.  It's just not my thing.  BUT!  Every once in a while I do!  AND!  This is it this year.

First, you have to realize this is a piece made from 11 different recycle pieces.  The only thing new on this is the 4 lag bolts and 7 small nails that hold the base together.


This is what I LOVE to build.

Bird perches.

The shrimp trap is held down with a finial.

The top is made from 5 different pieces.

I like it in my garden.


The table leg is very old and swirled so nicely!

The 2 perches are a chair spindle and a piece
from a hay fork from the late 1800's.

I had a ball trying to figure out the parts it would take to make this look like some thing I saw in a picture.  It was a very nice tall, wire, round bird cage.  I kept thinking I could use this shrimp trap for some thing.  It's been hanging out in my yard for at least 10 years.  Every time I tried to use it I just couldn't.  It was never quite right.  THEN!  I see a picture of a room that's decorated in that Pottery Barn style.  It was wonderful.  BUT!  All I saw was the birdcage on a side table!  I love this stuff!!!

So, I went through every thing I owned and came up with 11 pieces of "junk", all from different things.  Here's a list of what I used:

1 table leg from the early 1900's.
1 chair spindle from early 1900's.
1 tong (?) from a hay fork from the late 1800's.
1 shrimp cage.
1 large piece of wood from the beach.
1 smaller piece of wood from a scrap pile at the local fence company.
1 wood stove chimney topper.
2 brass pieces from different outdoor lamps.
1 brass finial from an older table lamp.
1 coupler set up w/nuts from a different table lamp.

One very large lag holds the table leg onto the base inside the cage.  3 smaller lags hold the beach wood to the fence wood base inside the cage.  It's not going anywhere!  LOL!

OH!  How do you open it???  There are 2 large "safety pins" where the 3 pieces of the shrimp trap come together.  Just pop one open.  I didn't make this to use with birds.  I don't know how healthy it would be for a bird.  It's really just for a decoration.  I would leave it in my house!  BUT!!!  That's me.

OKAY!  Back to work.  It's that day!  Time to move into the show.  YAY!!!! 

I sure hope to see you there!  Shell



  1. Very cool! I like it too.

    I've never seen a shrimp trap.

    1. Thanks. Around here we live on a body of water they call the sound. It's fresh water and it's full of seafood. Shrimp is just one of the many goodies we catch in the sound.