old timer

Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Goodies Part 2

This is just in case I didn't get any thing else posted for today.  SORRY!  I'm running late as always....!!!!  LOL!  I am supposed to be making some thing ,,, I walk past some thing else and my little brain gets excited and off I go ... YEP!  To make some thing else.  OOPS!  It always makes me late getting ready!  Oh,,, I LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!   

2 Whales in the sea of a mess called my back yard. 

Spouts made from air conditioner parts
 and water drop crystals.

Another birdhouse,,, HUMMMM! 
I do love them don't I?  hahahaha!!!

Another OPEN sign.

3 bell chimes on an old brass pot handle.

Chairs I found will be at the show.

Crowns I cut out with a plasma cutter
will be there ,,, CHEAP!

Aren't they cute in my bag lady cart?

Thanks guys!  Gotta run! 


  1. You are so creative. I hope you sell out. Good luck.

    1. O.M.G.!!! It was amazing... and I had to raid my garden and house Saturday for more goodies!!! I'll post some thing soon about the show. It was the best ever. THANK YOU AGAIN! Shell