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Sunday, June 29, 2014

P B & Almost J w/ Pea Chips on the Side and More Etsy Goodies

Hi guys!

How are ya???   I haven't done much since Sorticulture ended.  What can I say?  The closer I get to 60 years old, the slower I seem to move and the longer it takes to recover from a show the size and length of this show.  It was SO much fun.  But, it's a tough show!  I spent Thursday making 6 trips to the show to set up my booth.  Friday I spent 14 hours there hauling in another truck load, setting up the booth and selling.  Then Saturday was another long, wonderful day.  I spent 13 hours making more stuff, hauling more stuff, setting up the booth again (I was running pretty low, had to make it look fuller than it was), then selling.  Then Sunday 9 hours making more stuff, moving things around the booth, selling and then hauling home what was left.  THANK YOU everyone for not making me bring too much home.  I appreciate that so VERY MUCH! 

I crashed for a week then my back crashed.  OOPS!  I'm just getting up and moving again.  During times like these I hate trying to find some thing to eat.  My back won't let me do much more than lay down.  Thank goodness for the Stanley Cup and the World Cup.   SO!!!  After eating all the food I could find in the cupboards and freezer I hit the store.  Only none of it looked any good. 

Hungry???  I was!  SO!  I go to the kitchen to see what I brought home from the store and can't find any already.  I hate it when I don't bring much home.  BUT!  I did bring home these wonderful peaches.  SO!  PEANUT BUTTER AND ALMOST JAM SANDWICH ANYONE???

Here's what I made!  LOL!  Don't laugh too hard.  I love food like this!  

Peanut Butter is my FAVORITE food!  Look
at that beautiful bread!  SEEDS!  YUM!


They are to me!!!

Peanut butter and almost peach jam
plus chips on the side!

Peanut butter is hiding under that
beautiful ripe peach.

I didn't make it very far before I bit in.
I guess you could call this a diet p b & j!  It was SO good!  The peach was sweet with a slight bite to it.  Perfect!  I love fresh fruit, but it's hard to find good fruit anymore.  This was awesome!
I've been putting things on Etsy again.  If I keep working on getting rid of things I don't need anymore I should be done in a year or two!  LOL!  HAH!  I wish I was kidding.
I hope to start putting on wind chimes soon.  Who knows, maybe even some garden art that can be shipped reasonably!
Thanks for stopping by!   Shell     


  1. Well it's quite alright for you to crash cause you were hoofing it pretty hard there getting ready for the show. Then all the labor it took to get to the show and work it.

    That is an interesting lunch. Can say I've never had that before. The bread does look fantastic. So does the peach. But, I'd like my sammie with a side of peach :)

    1. Too funny. If it was on the side at my house ... I would have creamed it with whipped cream! :)