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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Fire Pit Fit For a King or Queen Maybe Even a Princess


How's it going???  Every thing around here is good!  So?  What are you up to lately???

Me,,, not too much.  Well,,,, okay,,, I did make this little old fire pit.  Check it out.

I found this, just like this, at the metal recycler.

Hello?  Anybody in there???

I make garden art and what could be better than a burn barrel in the garden?  

Oh wait... I know!!!

A fire pit shaped like a 


If you read my blog back in May and June when I was making things for the Sorticulture you might remember the recap I did on it.  One big seller was my little crowns.  It's a fun story and right HERE if you'd like to see the crowns and read the article.
I figured next years show would have
to have some more crowns. 

It's rusted up so nicely and by next year ...

it will be even better!!!
I found out people like crowns.  SO.... you know it.  I'm on the lookout for "things" to be made into garden crowns.  YUM!

See ya soon!