old timer

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Have A Seat - SCORE


So?  What's your weather like???  Around here it's sunny and hot!  I mean ,,, for us ... HOT!  Pay no attention to the numbers on the thermometer.  Around here 90* is like 110* in Yuma, Arizona.  It's a scorcher and we're making our way up to the 90's this weekend. EEK!!!  I'm like a gopher,,, I'm hiding in my hole.  My house.  I get a little yard work done first thing in the morning, hit the house, read for a bit to cool down,,, then hit the shower.  Lunch time!  I LOVE days like these!!!

So, I found a new seat for next years Sorticulture.... YAY!  Check this out!!!



VW drivers seat.

I can even move the seat!  LOL!!

I do love a great find.  Wait until you see this one next year!  YAY!

Thanks for checking this out!  Shell      


  1. We had scattered storms almost every day last week and every day since Thursday. Then OMG, it would get so humid as in run for your life to the house hot.

    1. Humid SUX!!! LOL! Have a great week and stay cool my friend! Shell