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Saturday, August 2, 2014

How To Make A NW Chili (Blue Bottles) Chandelier Part 2


OOPS!  Do you know what happens when you push the wrong button on BlogSpot???  It publishes it for you even when you aren't ready.  If you are reading this and it's GOOFY!  It's just me,,,, trying to wake up on a Saturday morning. 

SO???  Did you get all your bottles drilled????  YES???  Wow!  Way to go... what?  NO?  It's okay! You can keep working on them as we go along here.

Now, let's use a simple piece of wire, a metal nut or washer and a heavy duty chain to build this puppy with. 


First we need that chain ....

This is what I used.  Hanging lamp chain on
the left is thin, not as strong.  The chain on
the right is perfect.

I hung mine up to make it easier to add the bottles. 
Notice all the chain wrapped and wrapped and
wrapped around the metal?  This is going to
get very heavy.  I don't want it to fall.

Hand tools, wire and nuts.  Why nuts?  I found
them for free and you'll see soon...

Put one nut or washer on your wire, wrap
the wire around it to hold it on.

After a few tries I liked this better.  The wire
does NOT need to be finished.  This is perfect.  It helps
to balance the bottle a little nicer.  Either way works fine.

Straighten the end of your wire and push it through the
bottle - from the neck to the bottom. 
DO NOT cut the wire YET!

Now wire that to the bottom link of your chain. 
Just like you wired the nut.  I know.  The wire is too long. 
Once you thread it through the chain link ... cut it off. 
You don't want to waste too much wire.  Now wrap.

On the next link ,,, add 2 more bottles. 
We'll keep doing this all the way up the chain.
You are adding 1 bottle to each side of the chain link.
Keep adding bottles as far as you would like to go. 
30 plus bottles is a good length.

It's getting longer!!!  Keep going!
If your chain wasn't long enough ,,,
unwind a couple links.

This is getting good!

At the very top link, when you've had enough,
add 2 bottles to each link.  We want 4 bottles
at the very top.

Let's add the leaves and a top! On the next post when I'm awake and I've got my act together,,, OKAY!  A little bit better!  :)



  1. Neat idea! I wish I had 1/2 your energy!!!

  2. haha! I wish I had 1/2 the energy it "looks" like I have. LOL!
    Have a great week! Shell