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Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Make A NW Chili - The End!

Hi guys!

So?  How are ya???  How's the weather where you are?  It's GORGEOUS here!  YAY! 

I would like to show you how to finish your NW Chili.  Remember,, this is just an idea.  You can do anything you'd like!

First,,, round up some scrap metal.  I used license plates ... of course!  I mean I have them every where around here.  The idea is to use what you have.  DON'T spend money on new stuff if you can help it.

Here's the pile of scraps I started with.

I pulled out a handful and started with these.

I turned them over and drew a leaf on them. 
OKAY!  Back off!  I can't draw!!!   LOL!
Then I used those tin snips to cut them out.

I drilled a hole in one end and added a wire like you did
when you attached your bottle to the main chain.

You will need at least 5.

Now wire them to the chain on the links above the bottles. 
We are going to want a little room between the bottles
and the cap we are going to add next.

It's looking pretty good.   At this point I bent a
few of the plates to curve them.  I wanted them
to fit around a couple bottles.

Now we want to use a cap over this that will
HIDE that mess of wire!

This is a pile of the other end of those AWESOME
crowns that sold so well at Sorticulture. 
I still LOVE those crowns.

I'm really liking this,,, but it needs
a couple more on it. 

I took a step back, then a break.  I knew what I wanted
to do to finish this.  BUT!  I was selling this and I
honestly didn't think this was the customers style.

So I tried another top.  An old metal lamp shade.

I cut a hole in the top that was just
BARELY big enough to get that chain through.
Put the chain through it.


AND ,,, it's a keeper!!!

This really is a pretty easy to make art piece.  But, it takes time, patience and good luck finding those bottles.  After finishing this blog... I'm thinking I'll make another one.  Only this time, if I can find them, I'll use clear bottles and then I'll light it up.  Think of all those colors it could be!  From reds, greens, blues, and there's always PURPLE!!!  FUN!!!

Okay!  Any questions???  Any comments???  Anyone up for trying this???  If so,,, drop me a picture!  I'd love to see what you made.  I can even share it here if you'd like!

Thanks guys!  You are the best!  Shell


  1. Love it! And so will your customer. Great job.