old timer

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Was I Going To Do With This???

Hi guys!

How's it going???  Are you ready for school???  HA!  NOPE?  Thank goodness my kids are grown up. 

I have been finding a few goodies lately,,, here's one,,, and???  I can't remember why it looked so good when I found it.  LOL!!!

I found this lately.  Yep, it's a candle holder.

Love the middle.  FUN!
This is why my back yard looks like hell!  It's horrible.  I saw this and I knew exactly what it wanted to be... well!  I FORGOT.  LOL!  It must not be as good as I first thought.  Hopefully by next June it will talk to me again.  hahaha!!!
This happens to me all the time.  BUT!  Most of the time I can find some thing to do with it.  I do know the top was the only part I considered cutting off.  Hummmm ......  
Good night!  Shell


  1. I can see it holding a beautiful mosaic bowling ball :)

    1. That's funny. I'll just bet you do. I hope you have a great weekend! Shell