old timer

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The V Dub and the Model T


What's new???  Come on????  Tell me!!!  I won't tell anyone!  :) ROFLMAO!!!

SO!  I found some amazing goodies lately... here's some more!!!!

Isn't she sweet!  I WISH I could have gotten the whole
bug.  BUT!  She was in really bad shape.  This is the
baby I got the seat out of a while back. 

I love car parts!

A few new license plates.  Think Navy Seals. OKAY! 
Only I would!!!  I think my helper just got
3 new Florida plates for his bird houses.

I was told this was from a model T.  SWEET! 
Well model T - you about to become a table!

Oh how I love car parts.  They make the best garden art.  Interior decorations too!  All of these will be used in art work.  More to come soon!  It's been a good past few weeks!  YAY!


  1. I know you are going to make some great things out of all that stuff.

    1. Too much fun! I sure better make some thing good out of these. What a waste they would be other wise. Keep your fingers crossed girl!!! Thanks! Shell