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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tie Dyeing With Indigo Part 1

Hi guys!

Many of you know I've been selling my "art supplies" on Etsy.  I've been having a ball and have done very well.  THANK YOU for all your support.  I soooo appreciate it! 

Well, I thought I was going to stop making art and move on to what ever life brought next.  HA!  I know.  Art is something you never give up.  It's in your blood.  You don't have to be someone special or the best artist out there to enjoy making art.  It's yours.  It's something you've done, that you've accomplished, that you've enjoyed doing. 

Well, I've found my next adventure right here at the local Goodwill.  Of course it involves recycling of some type.  AND it's very affordable, messy and I've never done this before.  Many of you probably did some tie dyeing at one point in your life.  I never did.  YES!  I found it on Pinterest.  I LOVE Pinterest.  It just gets my brain going to the point of overload.  It's fun!!! 

So,,,, here's what happened.  I was at the Goodwill on a Monday.  You see they put a specific color price tag on sale half off from Thursday through Sunday.  On Monday that same color tag is now $1.29 or less.  HUM... so, I'm looking around and I see 2 pairs of nasty (perfect) daisy dukes.  YEP!  Cut off jeans that are tattered and torn to shreds.  YUM!  Back in high school I embroidered a pair of jeans with every known beer label there was. After hundreds of hours on these gorgeous jeans,,, they disappeared.  Funny how mom hated those jeans and once I was done they were just GONE!  I only got to wear them once.  Those jeans would be worth a small fortune today.  Anyway,,,, back to the story.  I decided I was going to embroider those funky daisy dukes.  I mean how long can it take when there's little to no fabric left.  tee hee hee!  I got them home and started looking around for ideas to photograph them.  I started thinking about Pinterest and how I see all these darling pictures with full sets of clothes.  Next trip to the Goodwill I scored more shorts, denim vests, denim jackets, darling red shoes and ..... OH MY!  A couple WHITE shirts, skirts and thermal tops. 

I get back on Pinterest another day and I see 2 things.  Sashiko.  An easy embroider stitch that is a simple running stitch that has more potential than I will ever be able to master.  And Shibori.  The art of dyeing with indigo.  YUM.  That's when I remembered I had just purchased some whites goods at the Goodwill.

SO, here's the beginning of what I hope to be a small clothing line of recycled goods to be sold on Etsy early spring, 2015.

I started with a kit to make my life easy.

I mixed it with a yardstick.

A mix of cotton material I've had in a closet for over
20 years.  Remember, around here things have to go. 
I'd like to move some day.

Scraps of chenille blankets.


Left over beads from garden art.

Those beads are inside this round scrap of cotton.

Thought I'd gather the rest. 
DON'T use 20 plus year old thread.
I was given something at the NW Flower and Garden
show years ago.  It came in those muslin bags.  Plus
my Grandmothers cotton hem tape from the
60's or 70's.  Use it or lose it right?

The piece on the right is a linen table runner.  It's
beautiful, but, it had a small stain on it.  $1.29! 
The others are the muslin bags.

Clamps hold the hem tape and strings bind
a strip of cotton material.  That's one of
the strips of chenille on the right.

It's all in the folding, tying and clamping.

Next I will show you how this went.  YAY!  I get so excited to see how things work.  SOON!



  1. excited about your new endeavor. When you look for fabrics go to the Goodwill on Casino Rd and you pay by the pound. It's incredibly cheap. You just have to dig through the bins.

    1. OH I love that place. Thanks! Jules calls it Big Bin.

  2. Oh. and thanks for the tip on old thread. I've got allot about 50 or 60 years old.

    1. That's funny. I still have my grandmothers sewing boxes. She passed away in 1979. Her thread was good,,, well, until you pulled on it. OOPS!!! The thread is on wood spools. :)

  3. been wondering what you have been up to lately...now I know! looks like fun...can't wait to see how it all turns out...

    1. It's become my new drug of choice. This would be fun in a class! :)

  4. Just disappeared into thin air......hum........sounds like aliens!

    1. When I was in high school I probably thought my mom was an alien! :)