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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tie Dyeing With Indigo Part 2 The Big Reveal! LOL!

Hi guys!

Are you ready to see what happened????

I'm so excited!

Do you remember the picture with
all the beads tied up???

Close up.

This is the linen table runner.  SWEET!

More of it.  It was the pointy piece I tied
 you see in the picture.

1 large and 3 small muslin bags.  They are in the
picture with the table runner.

These are the chenille pieces and grandmas hem tape.

This is the scrap material in the picture
with grandmas hem tape.

OKAY!   This is past fun and I'm hooked... well, for at least a week!  LOL!

Next up?  Clothing!

This is a picture of 2 shirt kabobs!  :)

I think I like that term.  I will have to let the pros know what these are really called.  tee hee hee!

Next I will show you how these turned out and a hand full of shirts I'm dipping instead of tying.   YAY!

See ya soon!  Shell


  1. Oh girl, those turned out so great. Love them.

  2. I WANT!! Will you have the jellyfish looking ones at We Do Art? I want the runner or the round one!!

    1. Crack me up! No, they won't be at Sorticulture, they are not garden oriented. Drop me an email dear: fromthealleytothegallery@frontier.com