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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tie Dyeing With Indigo Part 3 Another Reveal

Hello ya all!

How are ya???  Around here all is well and fall has set in.  YAY!  It was a hot one for Washington this summer.  I heard July and August were both record setters for the number of days over 80 degrees.  If you've never lived around here ,,,, that's hot. 

Today it sprinkled while I was working in that LOVELY bucket of indigo dye.  I'm on day number 10 of it.  It's only supposed to last about a week.  I've been good to it, but I think it's had enough.  I'll know tomorrow how today's work turned out.

Would you like to see how those shirt kabobs turned out???


Shirt Kabobs

White thermal top, front


Grey thermal top, front


Oh this was fun to wrap up and tie.

Then I untied it.
To get this!!!  Front.



Just look at this lovely string!!!!  YEP! 
I know where I'm going to use it!!!

Check out this little bundle.

Just untying a couple strings
gets me excited!

Shoot!!!  Check this out!  Front.


So???  What do you think???  All of these tops were bought at a Goodwill.  The short sleeved blouse still had the tags on it.  It was never worn.  The grey thermal.... oops!  Part rayon ??? ... oh oh!  Not what this dye is for ... so ... we'll just see what happens next. 

Each top was washed with Tide in the washing machine, then dried in a dryer to set the color.  From this point on ,,, the dye should not leak out.  Well ,,, except maybe that grey thermal top.  It's an experiment!  YEP!  I didn't screw it up ... hahaha!!!

So?  What's next??? 

Pictures of clothing I dipped into this pot of dye without tying it. 


Making hangers to hang these with.  I mean ,,, hey!  If I'm making recycled clothing ,,, shouldn't they be hung on recycled hangers???  I know ,,, a bicycle spoke and a gas tank dip stick.  YEP!  Pictures to follow very soon.  After all ,,, you have to see what went into the bucket with old dye today!  YUM!!!

Thanks!  Shell


  1. You are such a fun lady. Too bad you are so far away. I wonder what to crafty women hanging out together could come up with!

    1. Thank you dear! I try. At my age, life should be nothing if not fun! We would have a ball. I promise!