old timer

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look What I Found In My Yard EEK!

Hi guys!

I have FRIENDS!  Yep, Check out these little beauty's who were very mad at me for moving them around while I took pictures.

Imagine my surprise when I turned this
 lamp shade over and found these guys!

This was taken mid July, 2014.

They were really busy and didn't even notice I was around.

UNTIL ....

I decided I needed pictures of the other side.

I started moving the shade around, getting
closer with my camera lens.

Look at this piece of gorgeous Mother Nature Made beauty.

He's gorgeous.  Of course I wanted to get close up pictures.  OOPS!  Of course they didn't like it.

Let's just say,,, I REALLY pissed them off.  YES!  I quit and ran with my tail between my legs!!!

Sorry about all the watermarks all over the pictures.  I've learned the hard way I HAVE to put them on.  There's a blog out there with a picture of my blue bottle ladder in my yard and a guy who stated he made it.  Yep!  Straight off my blog.  SO!  Watermarks!

See ya soon!


  1. I found one the other day when I moved some plants in buckets. Gave me quite a scare. I accidentally knocked their nest to the ground.....

    1. They are scary aren't they? Just the thought of being stung several times at once ,,, eek!

  2. they are beautiful, but i hope you got away without a sting.

    ps sorry about the need for watermarks . . .why was the guy claiming he made it? was he trying to impress someone?, or trying to sell one similar? or is he just a poop?