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Monday, November 17, 2014

Flawsome 2! Another Vintage Quilt Scarf

Okay!  So, I'm freezin' my butt off over here!  WHAAAAA!  How about you?  I hear the weather back East sux!  Sorry!  It's gorgeous here, but cold.  For us that is.  Around here the weather is perfect (for fall that is) when it's 30 degrees and sun shining.  Ohhhh!  It's so nice.  I'm just not used to it yet.  Well!  I'm thinking this is the right weather for these scarfs.  SO!  Tonight they are going on Etsy.  Wish me luck.  With 4 or so hours into each one ,,, I'm going to need it!

Wanna see the next one?  OK!  Here it comes! 

Shorter lace on the bottom.

Here a stitch, there a stitch ,,,

Some more grandma ties.

More mending and ties.

I love this old quilt.

I love the round, circle stains.  They fit in
perfect with the mending.

Every single stitch I added is hand done. 

I love this type of mending.


Okay!  2 down, 2 to go.  Although I'm thinking I might just keep going with a couple funky cloth purses too.  Why not right?  :)

Have a good one!  Shell


  1. It might be like the shawl I'm crocheting, the 1st flower took me 3 hours. Then 2, then 1, now I can make one in about 30 minutes!

    The weather man was being a clown on TV this morning, talking about ol man winter sending hate down on the South.....

    1. The weather is crazy this year. We set several records over the summer. I hope everyone hangs in there!