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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Earrings from 1800's Ceiling Tins

Hi guys.

I thought as long as I had the soldering iron out, I'd make me some earrings.  I started with an old rusted ceiling tin that I bought years ago.  I was told these were from the 1880's and came out of a saloon that was in a ghost town in Montana.  FUN!

It's a good story even if it isn't true.  I cut out a small piece.  Cleaned it up a bit.  Wrapped it with copper foil and soldered it.  I cleaned it and put a patina on it.  I poked a hole it in and called it Macaroni ... no wait... sorry!  EARRINGS.

A quick sloppy wire job and they are done.

Simple, sweet and fun to wear.

Juliet is always there to help me.


Same idea, just a little different.

This is just 2 cross charms with patina, 2 great
beads, a little wire and the ear wires.  DONE!

I'm off to make some more.  I like these.  Next:  different color and style beads, plus different shaped tin pieces.  FUN!

See ya soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Funky Soldered Christmas Crystals

Hi guys....

How is it going???  Great here.  Last week I told you I would post pictures of the crystals I was working on.  Some of the pictures are horrible,,, but ,,, I put them in here anyway so you can get the idea.


I found some fun shapes.

Some longer prisms.

Half a Seahawks Key and a jewelry find. 

These used to be earrings.

New crown charms.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Let's Solder Some Crystal Chandelier Drops Making Them Into Christmas Ornaments

Hi guys!

How's it going out there???  Did you go shopping for any of those Black Friday Deals???  I did. YEP!  I scored!   LOL!  I went to Staples for some blank DVD-R's.  Hey!  With maybe 6 people in the store ... I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and I saved ... ready for it???  $100!!!  I spent a whopping $44!!!   SWEET!!!  Thank you Staples.  I hope you got in on at least one great buy and it was this fast and easy.

I have been slow to get more goodies on Etsy.  I picked up a small tub of crystal chandelier pieces to put on there and I remembered some earrings that I loved the bead caps on.  This is my version of what I saw.

A quick wire wrap, a little solder and DONE!!!  Ready for TONS of pictures????  Here we go!

Let's make these!!!

You will need a soldering iron of some type.  This is
what I have.  It's older, used and wonderful. 

Solder, flux, flux brush, glass work top and fireproof
board.  That's how I roll!  You can use any solder
work station you have or can afford.  As you can see
mine is pretty old and battered.

Bottles of flux and patinas.  That is a
candle holder turned flux holder!!!

This is what I use to clean my glass. 
Works GREAT!

I use a cotton glove on my left hand so I can hold
the glass.  It keeps me from getting burned.  Yes! 
It's well loved and used!!!  LOL ... it's still
VERY useful!  hahaha!

Scrap copper wire and chandelier crystals.

You will need some BLING. 

Any kind will work.

Let's start with these 2.
I cut the top pieces off.

Start with a piece of 20 gauge copper wire about
12" long.  Put one end through the hole, add a
loop to one end ....

then just wrap ...

and wrap!

Add a loop to the bottom and secure the
wire at the top.  DONE!

Same thing!  Pull your 12" long wire through the hole,
add a loop at the top ....

and just wrap!

Sloppy and not perfect is what you are working to get. 
This will add texture and funkiness to your work.

This is what you have when you are done. 
Close to this is good enough.  I promise! 

Brush some flux on your copper.

Then start soldering.  I do a little soldering ....

then I add some lumps.  I'm going to "pull" those
lumps through those holes. 

I don't take many classes.  BUT!  One of the best I
ever took was on decorative soldering.  I did it at my
local stained glass shop.  It was worth every single penny
and minute.  They teach you little things like this.  It's
not hard, but it takes practice and (for me) lots of flux.

I did it some more and all the holes were filled in.  If
you don't see enough wire ... warm up the solder a little
and remove some of it.  You really want some of those
wires showing.

This is what mine look like.  Messy and fun!

Another view.  See the lumps???  I like them!

I cleaned these with more orange hand cleaner,
then dried them with a paper towel.

Here are 5 plain ones ready to patina.

I used a paint brush and the bottle of black patina to
get this look.  It took about 2 minutes.  Just follow
the directions on the bottle.  There are a few different
colors you can use.  I like that dark look!  From here
you could add another color over the top.  FUN!

On a few other crystals I added the "bling".  I found
the heat melts the glue that holds in most of the
rhinestones.  Try to use pieces that have prongs holding
the stones in place.  They will work much better. 
I removed this one.  I didn't realize some of the
stones had come off until it was too late. 
I lost a couple.  Afterwards I realized I could
have filled the holes with glue and anything

This is what I replaced it with.  This one has the
stones glued in, but the heat never touched that part,
so it worked.  Can you see that little drop of solder
just above the bling?  Solder class!  It hides the spot
where that wire comes down to hold the bling.

The soldering iron accidentally hit the side of this
piece of costume jewelry.  It melted instantly.  So I
turned it until the wire was coming down into that
hole.  Then I added a few decorative drops of solder. 
It "kind of" hides my mistake.

All finished and ready to hang on the tree or
anywhere you want to hang them. 

These were fun.  If you have any soldering experience at all ... you don't have to be good at this ... TRY THIS!   These are fun.  The more you make, the better you will become at it.  I put these on Facebook and I had a feeling I knew someone who would like them.  YEP!   She's getting 24.  NOW ,,, I have to get off my butt and make MORE!!!

I will try to post more pictures in a couple weeks.  Cross your fingers.  :)

If you have any questions just ask.  I'll do my best to answer them!!!  Shell