old timer

Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Alley Find and a Seahawks Win

Hi guys! 

How are ya???  Are you staying dry and warm???  Watching sports???  HUH?  LOL!  Today is one of favorite types of day.  It's Sunday.  It's warm for this time of year.  It's Seahawk game day.  So, this is how my day went .... ready?  NHL Rangers game first thing this morning,  YAY!  They won!  Sweet.  Seahawks game.  YAY!  They won.  NFL playoff game with New England and No Luck.  Poor kid!  THEN!  Bull riding.  It was a very full day.  LOL!  YES!  I did get a couple things done.  BUT!  A girls got to watch this stuff while she can and it was all in one day.  YAY!!!  

So!  Here's a little goodie I found in the alley.

Sweet little stand.

Rusty, crusty and ready for Sorticulture.

I do love a fun find.

I can't wait for the Super Bowl.  I'm thinking you might need a great garlic dip recipe for it.  SOON!  IT'S SOOO GOOOD!!!