old timer

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finally It's Time to Get Started On Sorticulture Goodies!

Hi guys!

How are ya???  How's your weather???  It's SOGGY over here!  Warm though.  I've seen some of the nastiest snow storms back East on the news ,,, icky!  I hope you are warm and safe!!!

So!  Finally.  They sent out applications for Sorticulture my garden art show.  YAY!  Time to get some work done and get off my butt!

So ,,, what's first???  A list?  Several lists!

A list of what might be good to make. 

A list of what I have hanging out in the yard that I can use.

A list of what sold last year.

A list of what DIDN'T sell.  That's an important one.

Here's a fun find from the recycle center that will be at the show...

Chippy (LOL!) tea cart.

Check out that rust!

I need to repair the wheels axel.  No problem!

A sweet piece!!!

I will show you more goodies I've found during the next 5 months ,,, then it's show time.  IF I get accepted.  I should, but, you just never know.