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Friday, January 30, 2015

Look at this Sweet Vintage Fairy Garden Light

   OH MY!

       This is why I go looking for goodies. 

                This will be on Etsy soon!


Isn't she just the sweetest little lantern
you've ever seen?

The fairies broke out and made a run for it.

Needs new wiring.

The back is damaged,
but I would leave it alone.


Great view!  Nice color and texture.

How it mounts and hangs.


The hanger is secure. 
Your lantern can not fall off.

This is just gorgeous!  I wouldn't rewire it.  I'd set it in my garden some place so the fairies can come home.  They were being held by the troll and they had to break out of the back to get away.  They lost their house and they want to come home.  So, put this in your garden by some moss and a few clumps of wonderful flowers or small stumps.  Then they will show up and take care of your garden and it's good bugs just for you.

Some thing like that.  I suck at telling stories don't I?  Oh well.....

You could also set this on a metal or glass plate with a candle inside the lantern.  SWEET!

She's a beauty!  More soon!


  1. Beautiful patina. Cute fairy house.

    1. Thanks,,, can't you just see the little bonfire and the fairies dancing around it.