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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Rusty Goodies That Make Me Think Room Divider

Hi guys.

How are ya????

I'm in heaven!  Why?  Look what I found ......

3 great rusty pieces.

Now they are 3 AMAZING rusty pieces.
Can you see it????

Does this look like metal bamboo to you?

Does this look like honeycomb???

Rusty honeycomb???

Waiting for my plasma cutter!!! 

Bamboo and honeycomb are something you will find in nature.  We love to find them in our gardens.  SO!  I'm going to make them into a garden room divider.  I'm hoping to make a few of these.

1st divider:  the "bamboo" hanging from a wood frame.
Middle divider:  the sheet of metal with a nice cutout design on it.
3rd divider:  another "bamboo" hanging from a wood frame.

Then the "honeycomb" might become the header for all 3 pieces.  OR it might work into another room divider.  I'm not sure yet.  Although, by the time I get to putting these together ,,, I might change the whole idea.  Who knows.  I'll know as I'm putting them together!!!

I think these will be a hit!!!  I might even hang these from chains so you can hang them from your covered patio????  I just don't know yet.  Although ,,, I'm finally excited to get outside and start a piece.  After all!  It's only 4 1/2 months away.  EEK!

Thanks for swinging by!!!!  Shell


  1. Excited to see the finished results.

    1. Me too. I'm kind of hoping the plasma fairy will stop by and cut them realllllllllly good for me... :)