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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Trip to Vancouver, BC for Some Hockey and A Vintage Shop Find

Hi guys!

So???  How's it going???  HUH?  Come on ... what is going on with you?

I'm still waiting for my official invite to Sorticulture.  Hopefully only two more weeks to wait.  I've got lists of goodies to make for it!!!

Around here it's been warm and wet.  Nice ,,,, well, kind of!

I went north for 3 days to do some shopping and see some hockey.  Look what I found ... a fun little vintage shop with oodles and oodles of personality.  It's called Community Thrift & Vintage and it's located at 41 W. Cordova Street, Vancouver, B.C..  Check out the photos I took.  

I love a shop with personality.  Recycle is here
from the merchandise to the fixtures. 
This shop is a must visit!

Look at all the little ways to add to the
"look" of displaying your inventory.

One end ,,, I love this whole piece ....

another end ....

2 old dressers, a piece of glass and a closet rod. 

Here are the missing drawers from one dresser.
Just add another closet rod.

How about an old cupboard with a
tree branch for a closet rod?

Did you see the chairs on the walls?  On top of other drawers that are mounted on the wall?  The clothing hanging off the knobs of the drawers mounted on the wall?  This shop is TONS of fun.  Their inventory is great.  From very old, antique, to a bit newer.  Tons of vintage clothing, hats, shoes, purses and more.

This is a simple, inexpensive, yet funky way to show off your inventory.  YES!  You can do this at home.  In my old house (1890's - around here that's old) there are very small closets built into the attic space in the house.  The closets are so small you can't hang a longer length dress without it dragging all over the floor.  This would be a hoot to add to a wall to get that closet space I need.   You could make a full art display out of it that is 100% usable space.

So, I decided to take the Amtrak train (never been on a train before) to Vancouver, B.C. for a quick 3 day trip to watch hockey (never been to a pro game before) and see if downtown has changed in the last 20 years.  NOT MUCH!  Thank goodness.  It's still full of shops of every kind.  Once I got off the train I jumped on the SkyTrain right next door.  OH MY!  It's the only way to go.  Seattle ,,, you are SO FAR BEHIND with your digging underground.  The SkyTrain takes you, in minutes, from one end of Vancouver to the other.  Well, it dropped me off downtown just 1 block from my hotel, the Metropolitan.  Very nice.  Great price.  Indoor pool.  Great glass of wine!  I walked for miles all 3 days. 

Rogers Arena just before the game.

The hockey game was amazing.  The fans ,,, sorry!  Rogers Arena was noisy, like people talking to each other.  BUT!  It was nothing like going to any sports event around my house!  I did get to watch the L.A. Kings beat the Vancouver Canucks though!  Sorry,,, but that was nice!!! 

Kings -vs- Canucks face off.

#32 Jonathan Quick one of the leagues best goalies.

#8 Drew Doughty.  One of my favorite players.

The final score.  These old eyes sure
appreciate that big screen!!!

Now as I sit here, watching another hockey game, I'm adding more and more to the list of what to make for Sorticulture.  I'm thinking concrete is back on the list.  It's been a while.  The idea, just like every year, is to use what is in my house, yard, garage and shed.  OH MY!  That's a lot!  The only thing I allow myself to buy new is the new concrete, screws, etc.  Although, this year I'll be watching the recycle yard for those screws and nails too!

Hope you are doing well.  It's been a fun past month of traveling and sports.  Time to buckle down and get to work.  After all ,,, I just bought rugby tickets for this summer in California.  I've gotta pay for 'em you know!  LOL!   Thanks for stopping by!  I sure appreciate it!  Shell


  1. You'll have a lot of great stuff to take and sell.

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun watching hockey. Love that shop.