old timer

Friday, March 20, 2015

Visitors and a Sweet Alley Find


Look who I found in my back yard!

These little farts!!!

They're trying to steal my copper!  :)

Little monster ... it isn't afraid of me!

Peak a boo --- now!  Go away!

They are both so cute... but one of them is beaten up pretty bad. 


The other day I was driving home and what do I see right behind my fence???



It will be at Sorticulture ,,, but, I'm not sure
if it will still look like this or not!  :)
That's a fun little find.  Less than 2 weeks until I hear about Sorticulture.  YEP!  I'm gettin' restless.  It's time to build ,,, but ,,, if I don't get in ,,, I won't have a place to put my art.  SO!  I wait ....  I'm trying to do it patiently.  Honest I am!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. We have those possums all over the place around us.

    What a great little table!

    1. Possums are so funny! They aren't afraid of anything!