old timer

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Crown Planter

Check this out.  It used to be a small burn barrel ...

Isn't this just sweet?

And here's the piece that I cut off.

You see ,,, I'm thinking the crown planter is a fun piece to put on your porch, stairs or patio.  HEY!  Why not just throw it in your garden.  FUN!  I can easily see something growing up and out through the top.  Some type of ivy or clematis.

Then ,,, the leftover piece ... just throw it on the ground in your garden and let a plant grow over it.  Maybe some creeping Jenny or Corsica Mint.  YEP!  That's it!!!

I'm looking for more cans like this.  I realllllly like this!!!  It will be at Sorticulture in June.