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Monday, April 6, 2015

An Old Glass Lamp Part, Hypertufa and Scrap Metal

Hi guys!

How are ya???  It's been so nice around here lately I thought I'd go outside and see what happened to the concrete I poured a week ago.  Some did well, well,,, some sucked!  BUT!  That's why I'm trying this early.

Concrete is something I've had fun with before.  For Sorticulture I want to try to use things that are already here at the house.  Things I've been saving and waiting to use.  I have this cupboard with many glass lamp parts.  Some shades, some columns.  SO!  Here's what a nice hypertufa mix did for me.

I mixed up some hypertufa and threw it
inside this old lamp column.

The bucket was resting on this rod,
keeping the rain off the piece.

I like this!!!  I can't wait to see
it covered in moss!

I added a few pieces of scrap metal.

Now I have a small garden totem.

Hide it inside your plants.

Or let it show from the middle of your plants.

This will only get better with age.

Too sweet!!!
Texture, texture and more texture!

For the next few weeks I'm going to be pouring tons of concrete into old lamp parts and what ever else I find that looks interesting.  Wait until you see what the leftover concrete looks like!  FUN!

Yes, these will be at Sorticulture.  SOON!  Okay, not until June.  :)


  1. Neat, I love how it turned out.

    1. Thank you! Wait until you see the leftovers. Do me a favor... drop me an email with your name on it. I'll send you a couple of the leftovers. :)


  2. I've never tried using concrete before, but after seeing this I'm inspired! Love it! And can't wait to see what's next.....

    1. Thank you! Give it a try. I used a threaded rod down the middle. I put a few bends in it so it wouldn't try to pull out. Good luck. I hope the next ones are ready in about a week. Thanks again!!!