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Monday, April 13, 2015

Leftover Hypertufa FUN


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I'm making hypertufa goodies with the leftovers.  Ready to see what I did ???

I started with a silver plate bowl and a tin heart mold.

Too holey!!!  But, not bad ....

Way too holey and not enough texture.
See the difference in the sides of each piece???

A glass votive and a
small glass Christmas ornament.

The votive is now a mushroom.  Not bad!

The small glass ornament up close.

Just break the glass.  Not enough texture. 
I won't do this one again.

Silicone molds I used for soaps.

A rose!!!  SWEET!  Still too holey!

Tiny hearts... yay!!!

Fresh from the mold.  Just brush your finger
over the edges and they clean up real nice!!!

Old Indigo Dye!!!  What???  HUH??? 
YES!  I'm going to use it.  Why throw it out?   
If you haven't figured this out yet ... I just like to see what happens when you try not to throw anything away.  I like to see if I can fit it into a piece of artwork.  No matter what it is.   I mean ... look!  That's all leftover concrete sitting there.  Now ,,, I have some cute little pieces that someone will want.  I can give them away or sell them cheap.  Everyone wins!!!

That nasty water ... LOL!!!  I put the lid on it and forgot about it.   SO!  The next batch of hypertufa is getting this as it's water.  Will it smell different?  That water smells like the dye ... icky!!!  Will it give the piece a little color?  Green or blue???  The water is green, but when exposed to air it turns blue!  OH MY!  What will I get? 

For me,,, my art is all about will it work?  An experiment.  I just love to try things.  Like the next batch of leftover concrete is getting a new recipe (less perlite, not so holey!), then torched.   YEP!  I'm taking fire to it!!!  YUM!  LOL!  If nothing else ... I'll have tons of fun!!!!

Talk to ya soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Shell


  1. what fun you must have!
    i love the small hearts, i can't wait to see what happens next.

    1. Thank you. I try to have fun. Most of the time I'm just making a mess. I like that too! Cross your fingers. I just made more. EEK! :)

  2. Cute. I can see a cord on those hearts and flowers. Would be neat so you could hang them.

    Love your creativity.

    1. FUN! I think I'll try that today. Let's see what happens!!!