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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whiskey Barrel Rings - Trellis???


Well ,,,, it's only 8 weeks until Sorticulture.  Time to get it in gear ,,, well ...  soon!  :)'

Here's a fun crown I made using whiskey barrel rings, left over lamp parts, outdoor lamp parts and a couple nuts, bolts and screws from the recycle center.

YEP!  Nothing in this piece is new.  YAY!

FUN!  Just add it to your flower bed!
Trellis?  Or garden architecture?

The idea is you buy it.  Flatten it until you
get home.  Tighten up the 2 nuts.  Then
set it inside your flower bed.

More to come soon!

Every day during the show I hear one common concern.  How am I going to get this to my car or on the bus?

My thought was to make this easy to do that.  There are only 2 screws and nuts holding this together.  You can flatten it out to get it home.  Then you can use your hand or a wrench to tighten the nuts.  DONE!  I left the screw on the bottom long.  That way it will help hold it in place until your flowers grow over this to hold it down.

Talk to ya soon!    


  1. That's a very smart idea to make it easier to haul. Love it.

    Happy weekend.