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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bells and the Horse Shoe


How are ya???  Got hockey???  I DO!!!  Tonight!  Thanks to 2 of my favorite players... we have game 7!!!  OOPS!  Each of those players ... YEP!  Is on a different team and they are playing each other.  EEK!!!  Go guys????

Here's the deal.  I NEED A PUSH!!!  My brain has stopped working.  SO!  Like last year, I'm going to try to post a different Sorticulture piece every day!  Most posts should be short and sweet!  BUT!  I need to get it in gear.  SO!  If I tell you I'm going to put something on here ... I BETTER DO IT!  Right???

Let's start with something that is similar to a last year piece.  Bells!!!  Old, rusted, nasty bells.  WELL!  I only have a few left, but I have tons of horse shoes left.  I MUST use all the junk around here.  OH ,,, I do love my junk.   :)

Click on this line to go see last years piece.
Let's talk about the horse shoe!

When I was a kid ...

they said the horse shoe had to point upwards.

That way the luck didn't run out.

I decided they were wrong.

Now the luck is flowing all around!!!

HEY!  I had to use some of the horse shoes.  I have 40 or so around here.  What better way to use those and a few old bells.  I'm not too sure about the new bells.  BUT!  Give them a year outside around here and they'll be lookin' good baby!!!


  1. Love them. I use them in my mosaic's.

    if I haven't sent it yet.... http://brokenbitmosaics.blogspot.com

    You can see some of them there.

    1. Thanks. WOW! You have been one busy artist!!! Your stuff is amazing! Great pieces. Thanks for sharing!!!