old timer

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birdhouse on a Tripod - A Different Look


Here's a quick peek at a new birdhouse on a tripod.

Sorry!  I have to hurry ,,, there's a hockey game on.  ???? What can I say???  It's so nice to see these guys still dressing up to get to the game.  Thank you for not losing that!!!



The base is made from 4 picket fence tops I
have been saving for a year to use in a
special place.  I guess this was it.

Mounted on a tripod.

One side.

The other side.


This is the way I made both tripods so they
would be easier to set in place.
A little chain, a little copper.

I might put a little more trim around the base to clean it up.  ???  Maybe!  We'll see.  

Did you read yesterdays post???  If not ,,, check this out.  I mentioned I found a new goody.  This is a messy shot.  BUT!  You can see it's beginning (don't look too hard!  I'll explain in a post coming soon on this PATIO LIGHT) ....

Car trailer fender, lamp parts, old 4X4, 
6 old metal corbels and some Christmas lights. 
OH and the bottom ...  OH MY!!!

I hope to have this finished tonight so I can show it to you tomorrow!  IT'S AMAZING!!!!   I hope this will be the first piece I sell.  I think I know who will buy it too....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!  I am soooooo excited about this one.  Why?  Art!  Not craft.  It's nice to get to make a real art piece once in a while!