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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Car Hauler Trailer Fender Patio Light

OKAY!  So, here's what I believe happens at Sorticulture, my garden art show.   It's a 3 day show.  Day one:  Friday is full of serious garden art buyers and that hard to find plant buyer.  People who want that one of a kind art piece(s) for their garden and homes.  Day two:  Saturday is full of people who are looking for fun, different and hard to find items, art and plants for their garden.  Day three:  Sunday is FULL of people who want to come after church for a stroll through the beautiful park grounds and hang out with their kids and dogs, maybe have some food and drinks.  They sell a lot of plants on Sundays.

To me that means most of my buyers are Friday buyers.  I make about 50 to 60 percent of my sales on Friday between 8am and 4pm.  HUH?  Yes ,,, 8am.  The show opens at 10am.  They want that odd ball piece.  It's my lucky day!  I love to make art versus craft.  BUT!  Honestly it's hard to sell real art.  Art that's out there and strange.  Probably 90 to 95 percent of what I bring I call craft. 

I went to the metal recycler the other day.  Just as I was leaving I decided to look in one area again!  AND I SCORED!!!  I found a fender from a car hauling trailer.  Here it is as one of my art pieces. 

This can go inside your house or outside.
I made it with your patio in mind.

Lit up inside the garage.  The cord won't show
like it does here.  I still have a little work
left to do under there.

This is all I had for lights.  They are a little
bigger than I would have liked them to be.

Several different lamps made this finial.

The copper will age to a nice greenish blue
in time.  I'll give them a head start with ammonia.

4 large metal corner brackets, corbels,
 hold this up.

There are 2 small metal corner brackets that hold
the fender to the 4X4.  This makes it easy to haul home.

I had a blast making this.  The only thing new on this is the string of lights.  I tried to use them in a different project a couple years ago.  It didn't work out.  They sure came in handy. 

I hope to make one or two more with bicycle fenders soon!

OH!  My messy garage.  SORRY!  I have a neighbor running a theft ring through their place.  They love my metal.  I had to move all my copper and brass into the garage.  What a mess.  Well, what a bigger mess than before.  :)

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  1. I hate a thief. Love the piece. and don't blame you for hiding your good stash of stuff from the creeps.

    1. ME TOO!!! I now feel like I'm in jail. Every single thing around here is locked up. It's a terrible feeling!