old timer

Friday, May 29, 2015

Carousel Horses Wind Chime


Ready for a quickie???

I found 3 carousel horses that used
to go to a wind chime.

So I put them back into a wind chime.
The only new pieces are the beads.
Every other piece is used.
Sorry!  I meant to put something nicer on here ... I went to the garage for a few minutes and 4 hours later it's gettin' really late!!!  I'm covered in sawdust and can't wait to show you what I made.  FUN!!!
I promise (I hope) to do better tomorrow!!! 


  1. Oh neat. I'd love to make a texture sheet out of the design for use with my polymer clay.

    Somebody is going to enjoy that piece.

    Happy weekend.

    1. OH??? What would you like that texture plate made from???

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