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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hypertufa Boots


I'm running out of concrete mix.  LOL!  I started making things out of concrete, hypertufa, because I had a bag of sand in the garage, a large bag of peat moss in the yard and a bunch of glass lamp shades in a cupboard in the house.  SO!  I went out and bought a bag of Portland cement.  NOW?  I'm nearly out of sand, but, I still have concrete left.  LOL!  OMG ... how funny is this?  NOW???  Well, I'm thinking I need more sand.  You see I have this small bag of kids boots in the house.  Some of them were alley finds.  Oh I do love a good find ... don't you???  Now I need to make more hypertufa so I can use up the boots.  I think it's a circle I'm running in.  HEY!  A new form of exercise.  tee hee hee!!!

SO?  Tell me what you think of these boots ... please.

I poured hypertufa into a couple kids boots.

I left the sole on. 
Thank you Pinterest for this fun idea!

His toe has an oops!  Air hole!

The idea was to put a hole in the top so you could use this as a planter.  BUT!  It's a kids size.  That means the top is very small.  It wouldn't work very well.  BUT!  These are too fun.  Just set them in the shade of your garden and let the moss grow all over them.  After Sorticulture is over ... I'll put a tutorial on here about how to do just that!!!  Or you can look it up on line.  There are many, many tutorials on line.

I'm trying to get rid of all my art crap.  That means no buying new stuff.   That's why I'm making the things I'm making.  This is my last year at Sorticulture.  SO!  Every thing around here needs to go!!!                    


  1. Too Cool. lol....I do think there is a joke about cement boots somewhere....

    Happy week. Off until Monday.

    1. LOL! I know a person I could put cement boots on .... just kidding!!! Maybe .... tee hee hee!!! I hope you have or HAD a great week off!