old timer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hypertufa Totems Part 2

Here are 3 totems with the concrete on the top.

The concrete is formed in a
hanging light shade.

Beads, a faucet handle, tines from a tool
and a screen from something.

Ice cream cone? 
Concrete on top of a floor lamp piece.

Pretty, lacy (almost) on top of a metal pulley from
a lawn mower or something like that.

It sits on a few pieces.

Remember:   The idea is the concrete will cover itself in moss.  So, picture (in your mind) a fun roundish ball of bright, plush green sitting on a stack of funky junk.  YUM!!!  What a great piece for your garden.

Yes, these will be at Sorticulture!


  1. I do love them, but you know I have a glass fetish. I also collect those glass globes and use them all over my yard....

    1. Glass is the best. I love the feel of it, the look of it and it's ability to hide or show up anywhere you use it. It all depends upon its texture, color and whether it's transparent or opaque. FUN STUFF!!!