old timer

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm Cuttin' More Crowns FUN!

Oh I do love my plasma cutter!  It's so much fun.  I cut for a while, watch some hockey, cut for a while ,,,, HOCKEY!  YAY!!!

Okay ,,, do you remember the crowns everyone loved so much last year????  If not, click on this line to go see them.  WELL!  I found a few more cans.  There will be a few more this year ,,, but not tons!

I found some cans that were stuck together. 
After lots of elbow grease, 4 letter
words and penetrating oil ...
we have more crowns.

I found some old coffee cans and

a couple odd colored garden plant pots

and I cut them all!
Last year these were so much fun.  I never thought to bring the bottoms.  SO!  This year you will get the new ones plus the bottoms from most of last years crowns.  I hope you like them all!