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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recycled Beer Bottle Top Totems

Hi guys!

Last year I used a lot of fused glass in a few totems for the garden.  You can see them by clicking on this line.  I had a few green and brown left.  Here's what I did with them.

Left over glass and metal.

Add them to your flower bed for a little color
and sparkle all year long.

Same idea, just different parts and a lot taller.

A little brass, glass, lamp finials and bed post knobs.

More glass, brass, door knob and a lamp glass shade.

I love that creamy swirly glass ball.

These are fun.  I'm still trying to use only things in my garage, yard or house to build with.  So far, so good.  I haven't bought a nail or screw yet.  I'm using left over rod pieces from other projects.  And I'm emptying out a large cabinet of lamp parts.  YAY!!!  All the wood has come from my driveway .. so far!

I will have all of these at Sorticulture!  2 weeks from today I will be setting up my booth!  Holy CRAP Batman!  I better get it in gear.  SOON!  HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA  soon!   


  1. I still want a kiln. Can't justify it right now with all the other hobbies. Maybe when I retire.
    Love the garden art.

    1. Don't wait too long! Once you retire the money flow is VERY different!!!