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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rusty Rain Clouds and Crystal Rain Drops


I'm trying to be busy.  I'm still not getting anything done.  OOPS!

Here's a take on something I saw on Pinterest.  Someone made a wind chime with a metal cloud and metal rain drops.  I thought ,,, hmmmmmmm!  I just happen to have a ton of scrap metal, some wonderful old crystal chandelier drops and the plasma cutter was out!  SO!  Here's what I made.

These are like a wind chime. 
They just can't make any noise.

They will sparkle all over your yard
 in the sunshine.

The cloud needs about 2 weeks of rain and
you won't see the grinder marks.

I hung these on chain.  I might change that.  I don't really like it.  I also put a swivel on these.  That way they will move, spin with the wind.  That will help send all that sparkle all over your yard.  FUN! 

As I was looking for some beads to go with these ... I hit the jack pot.   An old one gallon jar full of crystal drops of all shapes and sizes.   YAY!  Many, many more to come.  There will be some with blue clouds, snowflakes, golf ball sized hail.  And more!!!  FUNNNNN!!!!  The only thing new on these is the jewelers wire, crimps and a few beads.   SWEET!!!

I hope to have a dozen or more of these at Sorticulture.


  1. That turned out really cute. I bet those crystals will put prisms everywhere.

    1. Thanks. I'm really hoping with all the glass your garden will be a fun, moving rainbow!

  2. these are fantastic! you look like you have been plenty busy to me!

    1. Thanks! These were fun. I'm trying to get there. One BIG problem ... HOCKEY! LOL!