old timer

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Do You Get When You Cross A Push Lawn Mower with a Wood Fence???

FUN!!!  What else!!!???  A Mercedes?

Check this out!!!

Yep!  It moves!!!

So ,,, I was at the recycle center and I found 2 push lawn mowers.  One I left alone and it will be at the show.  It's fun and OLD!  Nice!

The second one I cut apart ...  it started out looking like this ...               
Ugly ... Perfect !!!

I mounted it on a ceiling flange and a piece of
galvanized pipe.  Everything there was picked
up at the metal recycle center! 
Even the bolts.

Car or truck light cover?

Cougars and keys!

Motorcycle license plate.

MERCEDES BENZ medallion.

Crusty old fence boards and roof shingles.
This was fun to build.  Yep!  It moves.  The holes were made to catch a bird.  Let's hope it does.  The only thing new on this was a couple nails and screws.  SCHWEET!!!

Yep!  It will be at Sorticulture.  I sure hope to see you there.                              


  1. Love it. I had one of those old mowers in perfect condition, the dang hubby used it. Then forgot it and ran over it. Made me so mad I could have whooped him.

    1. Too funny. I used this one before I tore it apart! It worked like a charm!